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Image Manager (IM) is used for making and organising your own libraries (databases) from bitmaps, Windows metafiles, Enhanced metafiles, Gif and JPEG images. Once the llibrary has been created, it can be used with all Symbol for Windows Goldapplications. Libraries can also be shared with other Symbol for Windows Goldusers. If you would like to distribute your library as a part Symbol for Windows Goldpackage, please let us know!

For more information on Image Manager, please follow this link.

Encyclopedia (ENC) is used for browsing SfW libraries to compare symbols in different symbol sets to decide which one works best for the user. You can also print a symbol set or part of it. Typical users of Enclyclopedia include Speech therapists, parents and teachers or anybody who wants to learn more about our collection of symbols.

For more information on Encyclopedia, please follow this link.

Bliss Editor (BE) is used for drawing and editing bliss symbols. It follows Bliss Communication International (BCI) standards, so if bliss is your thing, Bliss Editor is the tool to have! Originating from Canada and being used in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe, this highly advanced symbolic language can be expanded with BE to meet any needs.

For more information on Bliss Editor, please follow this link.

Sign Editor (SE) is used for drawing and editing signs as sign languages vary from country to country. Sign Editor includes graphical elements representing different body parts which are used to create a sign-based communication. You can create any sign you need and make as many sign libraries you want!

For more information on Sign Editor, please follow this link.

Latest News

Modemo set to expand into UK AAC Market

Symbol for Windows Gold is ready!

Gold is the biggest upgrade from the Dutch software developer Handicom since the company released Symbol for Windows Goldover ten years ago. Modemo's first delivery in the UK was made to the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), where Symbol for Windows GoldChart Maker licenses were provided to aid the delivery of the Speech and Language Therapy teaching programme and evaluation work; the only course of its kind in Wales.


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