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Shuffle (SH) is a game in which the player should bring a symbol, photo or image back into its original state, after it has been divided in a number of square pieces and shuffled. When the player succeeds, the empty square (at the bottom right) will be filled so that the whole image becomes visible. At the same time a sound and some graphcis can be played as a reward.

For more information on Shuffle, please follow this link.

Multiple Choice (MC) is an application for making and playing multiple choice exercises with symbols. On the screen you see one big box (the 'question') and up to five smaller reply boxes. You can fill each box with one symbol, image, photo or word. Together the boxes form a multiple choice question like 'Where does this object belong?'

For more information on Multiple Choice, please follow this link.

Memory (ME) is a game for symbol language users. The cards in this Memory game don't show just ordinary pictures, but symbols from one or two symbol (or photo) libraries. It can be played by one or two players who also operate the game with one or two switches. To change the settings, the help of a speech therapist, family member, friend or teacher is required.

For more information on Memory, please follow this link.

Latest News

Modemo set to expand into UK AAC Market

Symbol for Windows Gold is ready!

Gold is the biggest upgrade from the Dutch software developer Handicom since the company released Symbol for Windows Goldover ten years ago. Modemo's first delivery in the UK was made to the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), where Symbol for Windows GoldChart Maker licenses were provided to aid the delivery of the Speech and Language Therapy teaching programme and evaluation work; the only course of its kind in Wales.


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