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Document Maker (DM) enables you to write letters, poems and stories using symbols, graphics, text or all of them. You can print the documents you have made and save them for future use. Symbol E-Mail SEM (sold separately, please see add-ons) can be used toget her with Document Maker to send and receive Symbol for Windows Golddocuments as e-mails.

For more information on Document Maker, please follow this link.

Paper Chart Maker (PCM) is a program for making and printing communication charts. The program is used by people who work with symbol users. It comes witht the free layout function.

For more information on Paper Chart Maker, please follow this link.

Vocabulary Maker (VM) is a Symbol for Windows Goldprogram for making individual user vocabularies that can be used in the Symbol for Windows GoldDocument Maker, Paper Chart Maker and Personal communicator.

For more information on Vocabulary Maker, please follow this link.

Personal Communicator (PC or PC Lite) changes the way you use your desktop or laptop computer - a communication device, a game pad and a storyteller in one programme! Build dynamic pages using a wide range of symbol libraries and any standard computer graphics, together with your own photos. You can use graphic vocabularies for a fast symbol selection and place your graphics anywhere on the screen with the free layout function.

For more information on Personal Communicator, please follow this link.

Latest News

Modemo set to expand into UK AAC Market

Symbol for Windows Gold is ready!

Gold is the biggest upgrade from the Dutch software developer Handicom since the company released Symbol for Windows over ten years ago. Modemo's first delivery in the UK was made to the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), where Symbol for Windows Chart Maker licenses were provided to aid the delivery of evaluation work and the Speech and Language Therapy teaching programme; the only course of its kind in Wales.


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