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Originally developed as part of the TIDE Access project in the mid-1990s, Assistant is a unique Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) software. It enables speech recognition through a separate SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface developed by Microsoft) compatible speech synthesiser as well as supporting most graphic, sound and video formats. It has the ability to show symbols and alphabets in any size and order on the same page as well as showing windows which can include several pages on the screen simultaneously if needed.

Because Assistant is extremely flexible in its design, you can either use the pre-programmed vocabularies or build specific vocabularies for your individual users. Assistant handles graphics, symbols, sounds and video with the same ease and professionalism and can be used with one or more Symbol for Windows libraries. It is also compatible with GEWA’s trainable infrared Environmental Control Units.

Latest News

Modemo set to expand into UK AAC Market

Modemo set to expand in the UK AAC Market

Modemo has made an agreement with Dutch software company Handicom, enabling exclusive sales rights over the entire Handicom product range in the UK. The first successful implementation was in the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), where Symbol for Windows Chart Maker licenses were provided to aid the delivery of the Speech and Language Therapy teaching programme and evaluation work; the only course of its kind in Wales... READ MORE


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