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Symbol E-mail gives you a great tool to write documents with symbols and texts and also exchange them with other Symbol for Windows Goldusers! And even if your recipients don't have Symbol Email in use, you can send them email from Symbol Email as its documents also include a text -based message linked to the symbols used. When you get a text-only reply or email, Symbol Email is able to use speech synthesiser software to play the text for you through speakers. Using Symbol Email is very similar to using Microsoft Outlook Express.

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FlexLex can be used together with Document Maker and Personal Communicator applications. FlexLex is an unique add-on which offers linguistic support with word prediction, grammar guided writing for symbols and concept to text conversion. Depending on the user's cognitive level, they are able to build sentences based on text, symbols or both and also get help with grammar. FlexLex is also available as a graphic vocabulary and therefore accessible to scan users as well.

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Modemo set to expand into UK AAC Market

Symbol for Windows Gold is ready!

Gold is the biggest upgrade from the Dutch software developer Handicom since the company released Symbol for Windows over ten years ago. Modemo's first delivery in the UK was made to the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), where Symbol for Windows Chart Maker licenses were provided to aid the delivery of evaluation work and the Speech and Language Therapy teaching programme; the only course of its kind in Wales.


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